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All Solar Lights Ltd provides high quality off-grid lighting and phone charging solutions for the 2.4 billion people without electricity across around the world.

Our basic solar kit has been approved by the World Bank and incorporated ino their Lighting Global Program.

Our products use leading-edge LED technology making them amongst the most efficient and advanced solar lighting solutions in the world.

Our mission is to empower communities and small businesses in limited access and off-grid areas with affordable and sustainable access to electricity, internet and digital services.

Hong Kong


Harold de Rijck


With our integrated Wi-Fi hotspot in the SHS, we connect people to the internet. This will open huge opportunities for online education, online business, fair trade programs for farmers, online healthcare and many more.

Through our Digital Transaction Platform we can connect people directly to financial institutions (fair interest rates), creating opportunities for online business and (micro-)financing for the previously unbanked and financially excluded.


GOGLA can help our business and the energy access sector by providing information about new opportunities, access to funding, industry developments and policies and promote innovations in the off-grid sector.