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CarbonClear’s new data-driven model for carbon credit issuance, that represents a fundamental rethinking of the existing carbon market. It leverages clear and transparent data points in the CO2 projects that it funds, and enables fast, reliable, and cost-effective generation of verified carbon credits for the Voluntary Carbon Market in a globally accessible and inclusive value chain.

CarbonClear’s mission is to provide measurable carbon finance to impactful projects throughout marginalized areas of the world. By placing data transparency at the core of each CO2 project, the CarbonClear model has proven not only to achieve fast and cost-effective conversion, but also to foster trust and motivation across its value chain and within the marketplace.

Today, the model is fully operational and has become the leading carbon credit solution for the solar off-grid sector.

Copenhagen, Denmark


Karim Jabbar

East Africa, West Africa, Asia and Latin America

CarbonClear’s tech-powered value chain is an inclusive, self-enforcing, and measurable impact model that reduces the project-to-issuance timeline from 3 years to 3 months and cuts auditing costs to a minimum, without compromising the robustness and integrity of the verification.

The implementation of the CarbonClear model engages the Solar Off-grid sector that currently does not have access to the carbon market, and in so doing it addresses the yearly 12.9Bn USD financing gap that is needed to attain universal electricity access by 2030.

GOGLA has the potential to mobilize the off-grid sector and unite its efforts in support of this initiative.