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dpSun management draws upon more than 40 years of combined experience of Solar PV manufacturing and development and has been active in more than 30 countries worldwide.

At dpSun we are passionate about contributing to a world, where renewable sources of energy are the driver of economic development and societal progression. Our aim is to accelerate the adoption of solar technology across the world to conserve our environment and provide an environmentally friendly and sustainable power supply.

dpSun has led utility scale solar development for large institutional investors and rolled out micro-grid projects across Sub-Saharan African on behalf of International Development Agencies. Our in-house team and partners from across the world can develop, design and deliver energy generation solutions scaled to the markets they will serve for optimal return on investment and satisfaction of the off takers.

dpSun has also partnered with leading academic institutions to drive cutting edge research and development in renewable technologies. dpSun is currently deploying energy trading micro-grids in Sub-Saharan African and retrofitting vehicle fleets from fossil fueled engines to battery systems. Our in-house team has also worked on building fa├žade systems that allow building to regulate and generate their own energy and heating use.