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Easy Solar is a West African distribution company transforming the way households and businesses live, work and play; by making high-quality energy products affordable and accessible. The company offers solutions to households and businesses with limited or no access to the grid, as well as those looking to supplement their energy needs in the residential and commercial space.

Easy Solar is the market leader in Sierra Leone, distributing a wide range of solar products, appliances and complementary lifestyle products, while providing customers with consumer-financing solutions through mobile technology. The technology enables customers to make small payments over time until they own the product outright. Sales are done through an ever-expanding network of community-based agents and shops across Sierra Leone and Liberia.

To make energy, financial services and life-improving products affordable and accessible for all.

Sierra Leone and Liberia


Alexandre Tourre

West Africa

The ability to deliver the pay-go model in cash-based economies with little mobile money adoption, whilst maintaining strong repayment rates


Lead standardization of metrics, independent assessment of consumer protection, and guidance on implementation of ESG practices