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Ecozen Solutions was started with a vision to disrupt the way perishables are handled across the value chain, with clean and innovative technology. The company is the brainchild of 3 young and enthusiastic graduates from IIT Kharagpur, Devendra Gupta,Prateek Singhal and Vivek Pandey.

At Ecozen we are building a smart + sustainable future through deeptech. We see a shift from unclean and inefficient solutions to clean and efficient ones, and Ecozen is looking to accelerate this shift. We believe technology and innovation has the power to bring change. We look to harness this power to build solutions that deliver impact to our customers, our people and our planet.

Pune, India


Mr. Devendra Gupta

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Ecozen, a technology company, develops climate-smart deeptech solutions using its core tech stacks of motor controls, thermal energy storage and AI, IoT & analytics. Applying these stacks to agriculture, our solutions have revolutionised the cold chain with Ecofrost (the world’s leading solar cold room) and irrigation with Ecotron (a leading brand in Solar Pumping in India).

While Ecotron helps farmers increase yield by up to 3x and reduces their dependence on rain fed irrigation, grid and unclean fossil fuels, Ecofrost helps them earn more from their produce through proper post harvest practices. Ecofrost farmers see a 5~8x increase in shelf-life, a 10x increase in market reach and up to 40% increase in revenue net off product cost.

Our global installations reduced over 30K tonnes of food loss and irrigated 300k acres of arable land. The impact was not just on the lives and livelihoods of farmers, but on the environment as well, as our solutions generated 2.4 billion kWh of clean energy and abated 2 million tonnes of GHG emissions. We have been instrumental in the decarbonising of agriculture.

Our solutions are packed with technology that ensures they are easy to use and cost-efficient to operate. The embedded AI & IoT elements ensure farmers can remotely monitor and operate their Ecotrons and Ecofrosts. While they are being used, we continuously receive data from our installations that help predict failures and send alerts and even run remote fixes.

Patented technology solutions like InverterTech and IceCore ensure efficient utilisation of energy and up to 30 hours of low cost batteryless backup respectively. All this through the power of solar energy. The world is moving from inefficient and unclean solutions to clean and efficient ones. Ecozen through our climate-smart deeptech solutions is accelerating this shift.

Ecozen’s uniqueness lies in several factors, which may include:

  • Focus on sustainability: Ecozen is committed to promoting sustainable agriculture practices through its technology solutions. The company aims to reduce environmental impact while enhancing agricultural productivity.
  • Renewable energy integration: Ecozen’s solutions often incorporate renewable energy sources, such as solar power, to provide energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions for farmers.
  • IoT-based innovations: The company leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to offer smart and connected agricultural solutions. This includes IoT-enabled devices, sensors, and data analytics to help farmers make informed decisions and optimise their operations.
  • Remote monitoring and control: Ecozen’s products may allow farmers to remotely monitor and control various aspects of their farm, such as irrigation systems, temperature, and humidity, which can lead to improved efficiency and resource management.
  • Customization: Ecozen may offer customised solutions based on specific agricultural needs and geographical conditions. This adaptability can be valuable for farmers with diverse requirements.

As Ecozen, we believe that partnering with GOGLA can significantly accelerate our business and the energy access sector. GOGLA is a prominent industry association that represents a network of companies and organisations working towards providing clean, reliable, and affordable energy solutions to off-grid communities around the world. By collaborating with GOGLA, we can unlock several advantages:

  • Access to a vast network: GOGLA has an extensive network of stakeholders, including businesses, investors, policymakers, and NGOs. By being part of this network, Ecozen can gain visibility and connect with potential partners, investors, and customers, enabling us to expand our market reach and accelerate our business growth.
  • Advocacy and policy support: GOGLA actively engages with governments and policymakers to advocate for favourable policies that promote the growth of the off-grid energy sector. Through their efforts, regulatory barriers can be removed, incentives can be created, and a conducive environment can be established, making it easier for Ecozen to operate and scale our energy solutions in various regions.
  • Knowledge sharing and capacity building: GOGLA fosters a collaborative environment where members share insights, experiences, and best practices. This knowledge exchange can benefit Ecozen by learning from others’ successes and challenges, thereby refining our products and services and optimising our operations.
  • Market intelligence and research: GOGLA conducts research and gathers market intelligence on the off-grid energy sector. By leveraging their data and analysis, Ecozen can gain valuable insights into market trends, customer preferences, and emerging opportunities, helping us make informed decisions and tailor our offerings to meet market demands effectively.
  • Strengthening the off-grid energy ecosystem: As a collective voice, GOGLA helps raise awareness about the importance of energy access and the role of innovative companies like Ecozen in addressing global energy poverty. By contributing to this cause, Ecozen can enhance its credibility and reputation as a socially responsible and impactful organisation.
  • Funding and investment opportunities: GOGLA connects its members with potential investors and funding sources. By showcasing our innovative energy solutions to the GOGLA network, we can attract investments and secure the financial resources needed to expand our operations and make a more significant impact in underserved regions.