EDFI Management Company

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EDFI – the Association of European Development Finance Institutions – was established in 1992 to support and promote the work of bilateral development finance institutions (DFIs). With a combined portfolio of €38 billion, EDFI’s 15 members invest in the private sector in developing countries to:

  • create jobs,
  • boost growth
  • fight poverty and climate change.

EDFI’s mission is to foster its members’ cooperation with EU institutions and other DFIs, improve their efficiency and effectiveness, provide them with common representation, develop and support joint policies, and secure joint financing opportunities. In addition, EDFI serves to inform the public and government stakeholders about the European DFIs’ contribution to development.

Over 25 dedicated professionals work within the EDFI Association and the EDFI Management Company (EDFIMC). EDFIMC was set up in 2016 to manage joint investment facilities on behalf of the EU, the EDFI members and potentially other funders of private sector projects on a highly efficient and financially self-sustaining basis. EDFIMC currently manages the AgriFI and ElectriFI risk capital facilities.