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Eja-Ice is a solar powered refrigeration and cold chain services company.

  1. To work closely with food producing communities, processors and retailers to Mitigate food loss, reduce GHG emissions and sustain business profits through solar powered cold chain.
  2. For fisherwomen; to enable financial inclusion through asset acquisition model to lower the barrier of asset ownership



Yusuf Bilesanmi


Eja-Ice Limited has developed the world first solar powered cooling van for last mile logistics enabling a -18 degree temperature. The product has been awarded 2 patents and it enables us offer an end to end cold chain service for businesses.


GOGLA plays a unique and vital role in the offgrid energy access sector. Cooling is essential as an adaptive measure to climate change. Eja-Ice’s goal is ensure food security and safety. Cooling is required across our agricultural value chain and we enable that through the power of the Sun. Hence we are excited about being members of GOGLA where we can accelerate our business and put the energy-food-water nexus on the climate change agenda.