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Grameen Shakti is one of the leading social enterprises in the world, founded by Nobel laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus , with an aim of improving “Access to Energy” for the rural people of Bangladesh. We provide Sustainable Renewable Energy solutions with an objective of socio-economic development, empowering women, creating green Jobs, alleviating poverty, reducing GHG emission and building up healthy community.

Foreseeing a future where rural households of Bangladesh would have access to clean energy at affordable cost.



Mr. Sohel Ahmed


Grameen Shakti follows the Social Business principles (The business objective will be to overcome poverty or one or more problems. Investors get back their investment amount only. No dividend is given beyond investment money. When the investment amount is paid back, company profit stays with the company for expansion and improvement.

To enhance access to energy for all, Grameen Shakti offers solutions for underprivileged rural communities. Grameen Shakti has installed more than 1.8 million Solar Home Systems (SHS), and 36,000 domestic biogas plants, and disbursed 1 million Improved Cooking Stoves. To diversify its activities, Grameen Shakti has engaged in implementing other solar-based solutions like Solar Roof-top Systems, Solar Irrigation systems & Solar Street lights, etc,. Also with the transition in the national SHS program, GS has started offering Grameen Shakti branded products in the SHS replacement market that includes Solar PV Module, Charge Controller, LED Light, and other similar accessories. At present, we are working on an innovative distribution model for PV modules and Biogas plants dissemination.

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