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Unlike the widely used kerosene lamps or candles, whose smoke and soot pollute the environment and expose users to significant health risks, lighting products powered by renewable energy are non-polluting, and therefore clean and safe for human health and the environment. Meanwhile, by the fastly growing technology reformation, more affordable electronics products are coming to the ordinary households and used in their daily life, such as mobile phones, music players, TV set, etc which are devastatingly increasing even more demand for the daily energy consumption.

JUA ENERGY is a rapidly growing company that design and manufacture solar-powered systems and cutting edge technological electronic accessories for consumers who are lack of access to electricity and technological products. It has a very strong and experienced team from the both energy and IC industries. The company was established in the late 2012 and quickly penetrates to  4 African countries where our products have been introduced to consumers with modern design and high quality.

On the way forward, JUA aims to penetrate to all the Sub-Sahara African countries and also targets to “improving African people’s life by providing the high efficient renewable energy powered systems, technological products and services”.