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Namene Solar delivers solar power with no limit. We want to bring everyone, everywhere access to clean, modern energy by connecting people to the sun to power their lives.

Namene Solar believes in solar power without limit. Since 2017 we have been working to realise our vision of a world where people power their work, lives and businesses with the sun. That’s why we offer solar products and services of all sizes, to suit every need and every budget, and make sure that no one is left behind on the journey to universal energy access.

London, United Kingdom


Patrick Lagrange


Namene Solar works to scale affordable energy access in off-grid communities. Our innovative climate projects use climate finance to subsidise the cost of solar lights for customers in rural areas who cannot afford solar. We tackle emissions from kerosene lamps and provide truly affordable energy access with our carbon credits, generated by the mass deployment of our award-winning solar lights.


By connecting us to distribution partners in countries where we work, through networking opportunities.