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On.Capital is a Paris-based company providing advisory services, fundraising and investments.

We strive to build a peaceful and prosperous world for all. We back people with bright ideas to ensure a strong impact, right from the start, mostly in vulnerable geographies or for underserved people.

On.Capital was founded in 2021 to generate Quintuple Bottom Line returns by 2071.

Smart Capital for Peace and Prosperity



Emmanuel Beau


  • The founders of On.Capital have been investing (24 deals) and exiting (7 deals) in Africa over 10+ years. We captured early trends, go to fragile markets, witnessing the rise and falls of start-ups, funds and valuations – while delivering 14%+ returns & impact for millions of people.
  • Africa has barely scratched its infrastructure needs. 600+ million people demand access to energy. We’re unlocking >50$bn+ energy infrastructure as a service market. Going digital, decentralized, smart and liquid – across the entire African continent.
  • Energy access is still THE priority for development & infrastructure… but most fund managers prefer sexier ‘tech’ thesis. Yet, key drivers are here, improved and cheaper, with a new – bigger – wave of investable businesses. We do VC to PE, earlier than anybody else: in business models and places investors follow-in, once further proven.

With a strong investor network, pipeline and knowledge, GOGLA is the ideal partner to help On.Capital team thrives in its mission.