Somali Green Energy Association (SOGEA)

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Our mission is to strengthen renewable energy governance for a just prosperous and sustainable future through awareness creation, capacity building, networking, and partnership. We are working towards ensuring that energy is shared and allocated equitably, efficiently, and sustainably, making it universally available to meet the basic needs for all.




Engineer Bashiir Mohamud

East Africa

SOGEA is a nonprofit association dedicated to facilitating the growth and development of renewable energy businesses in Somalia. We are the only active nonprofit association currently advocating and promoting clean and reliable energy access for all in Somalia.

Enhance our organisation’s visibility in the sector and the wider energy community via GOGLA’s communication channels, the energy access space, strengthen our network within the sector, and give us the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a dynamic and international workplace.

Visit the Somali Green Energy Association (SOGEA) website to learn more about them. Find them on Twitter and Facebook with the handle @sogea15