Suntaeg Energy

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  • Customized solution according to your needs;
  • Payment facilities;
  • Installation included;
  • Remote monitoring and local technical support available.

Suntaeg Energy is a young, high-tech, innovative and inclusive Senegalese company, dedicated to expanding universal access to smart and efficient offgrid and hybrid solar solutions designed to meet energy needs in Africa.

Dakar, Senegal


Sunday Egbeola


Suntaeg Energy has established itself as a leader in Offgrid solar rural and peri-urban markets with innovations in technology, market approach, client financing and strong partnerships. Our approach incorporates extensive monitoring, community engagement, and technological innovation, with the objective to expand universal access to efficient, affordable and clean energy, and offer high-quality service for our clients. Our approach ensures the implementation of solutions that are adapted to customers’ needs and has a strong focus on data monitoring, capacity building, and technical assistance.


GOGLA provides a platform to connect the global off-grid electrification community and facilitate new partnerships. The insightful market data and research shared by GOGLA promotes learnings and innovation within the sector while facilitating the implementation of best practices and learnings.