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Tamarso is a medium enterprise delving into the renewable energy space, specifically provision of solar energy. Tamarso started its operation in 2016 with the founder, Sharmarke Abdulkadir, and 2 employees, in a small office in Bakaro Market, Mogadishu. Tamarso has been preparing since its inception, the establishment of comprehensive solar products coupled up with professional services. Tamarso’s seminal project was a 17kW solar system project in June 2016 and thereafter, Tamarso’s products and unique services have been well received. Tamarso has ever since been delivering affordable and reliable solar energy systems within Somalia.

To deliver accessible, affordable, and reliable clean energy to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises, and as well as households, in Somalia.

Mogadishu, Somalia


Sharmarke Abdulkadir

East Africa

Capacity to develop any scale of solar systems project in Somalia with Crafted solutions high-quality products, and high-quality installation.

GOGLA can assist us in gaining access to the mini-grid throughout Africa, increasing our expertise of it, and developing new business activities with GOGLA that are geared toward resources for Somalia.