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Third Wave Power Pte. Ltd.

To empower off-grid and partial-grid customers around the world with decentralized and affordable solar powered lighting and energy solutions.

Singapore, India, Africa


Mr. VS Hariharan

East Africa

West Africa


Energy access for all is improving thanks to the rural consumer stepping up to purchase the right products in instalments. This has been complemented by the good work of the development institutions as well as the players in the ecosystem. TWP’s approach to each market to make the journey of providing solutions to customers is sustainable and scalable. The approach involves few building blocks. Providing relevant products at the right price & quality and continue refreshing this as often as needed. This is done through strategic ODM partnerships. Partnering with local players who can reach the customer for the product, finance the customer, service the customer. These partners should be in it for the long term. TWP wants to ensure all players in the value chain can earn sufficiently to keep the business going at the same time customer gets the best value for money. There is innovation at each level but the business model and philosophy is important. In each geography we participate, we are able to grow our business year on year, reaching more customers, and be a significant player there by contributing to energy access for all in our own small way.

GOGLA is the voice of the off-grid market and helps companies in leveraging its platform in many ways. The platform will aid in providing data and insights for different markets, understanding product trends, evolving business models, participate in forums, conferences for networking with different players in the ecosystem, access to grants/capital and many others.