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UpyaTech is a London-based Fintech with operations across sub-Saharan Africa. The focus is on working with small to medium size distributors to help them increase sales, lower operating costs and develop sustainable and impactful last-mile distribution businesses.

Driven by innovation and the desire to impact the lives of millions, our mission is to provide the right digital solutions to rapidly evolving markets.

Lisbon and London


Guillaume Marchand


UpyaTech is a highly scalable and adaptable CRM. It empowers clients with offline data collection and possibility to build a sales funnel, to then start selling and managing centrally customers, field agents, payments and inventory. Moreover, with UpyaTech it is possible to automate time-consuming repetitive tasks by creating workflows. No code concept and intuitive UX/UI of the platform help to manage complex processes effortlessly.

90% of businesses in Africa and South Asia are informal, and 2.7 billion people around the world live under $2.50 a day, representing the so-called “ bottom of the pyramid”. We believe digitalisation is a means to enable these markets. By partnering with organisations around the world and providing them with the right digital tools we want to positively impact the lives of millions.

Thanks to GOGLA, UpyaTech receives valuable market insights, data and research of the off-grid energy sector. This information is instrumental in shaping our business strategies, enabling UpyaTech to make informed decisions about product development, market expansion, and investment opportunities. Additionally, by participating in activities and conferences, UpyaTech leverages GOGLA’s network to build new partnerships and collaborations.