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Assess demand, security, accessibility, agricultural, climate environment data sets, and more directly from your laptop to reduce time and cost to market. wants to accelerate sustainable development by building software that empowers users – from donors, governments, and the private sector – to make lasting change. With VIDA’s map-based software, you can carry out market expansion plans (for off grid solutions such as pico, SHS, PUE, appliance and mini grids), develop and monitor electrification plans, and assess the location risks of investments anywhere.

VIDA was born in Munich and is now a completely remote company. We have offices/teammates in Kigali, Nairobi, Lagos, Cape Town, and 14 other locations.


Dr. Tobias Engelmeier


VIDA is a geospatial software that enables users to better understand the world and make decisions more quickly, effectively, and less costly. VIDA fuses multiple data sources with satellite imagery to bring settlements across the world onto an interactive, web-based platform that can be used for multiple use cases such as market expansions, develop and monitor plans, programs and investments, de-risk infrastructure investments, and more. To date, VIDA has been used to analyze more than 750,000 locations across 40 countries and catalyzed approximately USD$3 billion in investment. For the VIDA team, it is about more than software; it is about enabling ease and availability of data for decision-making.


GOGLA will enable VIDA to have a greater impact on achieving universal electrification. At GOGLA events, VIDA will be able to reach the off-grid market to help accelerate and further their mission for reaching millions of low-income and climate-vulnerable people. By connecting with more stakeholders in the off-grid sector VIDA will be able to share our experience and expertise.