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WakaWaka sees access to sustainable energy as a basic human right. Not a luxury. Not a nice-to-have. Not something for the future; something for now. A straight-up pre-condition for development. Because access to electrical light and power means access to education, to communication, to income-generating opportunities, to self-belief, to a better future.

WakaWaka has an important mission; making sustainable energy available to people who are without light and power due to disasters or conflicts. At WakaWaka we believe that electricity is a human right and that clean and affordable energy should be available to everyone. Because with access to light and electricity you get the chance to study, communicate, improve your health and thus build a better future.

Groningen, Netherlands

Our story began in 2010, with that year’s World Cup. It was in South Africa – you remember the Vuvuzelas, right? – and our  founder Maurits Groen decided he would help to ‘green’ it with LED lights. But when he got there, he found millions of people who weren’t even connected to the electricity grid. A seed was planted… something needed to change.


The sun is the world’s greatest natural energy resource. It’s abundant, it’s sustainable, and it’s available everywhere. It’s the solution for everyone who needs power but doesn’t have access to electricity. So let’s use it. Thanks to consumer purchases and partner donations WakaWaka helps everyone tap into the sun. From outdoor adventurers and festival-goers to earthquake survivors and remote rural schools, they can all enjoy solar products and solar power with the same WakaWaka quality.

By bringing WakaWaka to the attention of the GOGLA network.