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The Connect Initiative

The Connect initiative is defining a universal connector and device-to-device firmware to enhance 12V SHS Kit and appliance interoperability.

The Connect White Paper proposes a universal connector and device-to-device firmware guidelines for 12V SHS Kits and appliances. It explores the opportunities and challenges this will create for the Off-Grid Solar (OGS) market. We believe that greater standardisation and enhanced interoperability of OGS products can bring benefits to companies, consumers, and the environment. The Connect Initiative also entails risks and challenges that are highlighted for consideration. Download the paper.

GOGLA fully supports a diverse market and membership, one where Proprietary, Connect Affiliate, and Open models exist side by side, and the vertically-integrated and specialist business models flourish. Earlier this year, we invited all industry stakeholders to review the White Paper and share their feedback and suggestions to inform the industry journey on interoperability.

Consultation open - Connector & Electrical Technical Guidelines to enhance 12V Solar Home System and Appliance interoperability

The Technical Guidelines will be available for voluntary adoption by SHS Kit and appliance manufacturers that wish to enhance the interoperability of their products with other brands. It is not a mandatory requirement or standard. 

The guidelines are concerned with the interface between an SHS and an appliance; it pertains to the connectors and electrical parameters of both the SHS Kit and appliances.  It is complementary to the Verasol certification and associated IEC standards 62257-9-5 and 62257-9-8, and the quality standards for solar appliances. It defines an interface between an electricity supply system supplying up to 100watts of electrical power at a nominal 12VDC, and a load or a number of loads.

We are seeking inputs from all industry stakeholders, particularly SHS Kit and appliance manufacturers.

Please share your feedback using the above form to before Friday 6th May 2022.

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Many thanks to the Efficiency for Access Coalition which provided financial support via UK AID: