NREAs are key actors in their respective markets to further communicate and boost gender inclusivity within their members and partners.  Hence, it is crucial that NREAs are able to implement a gender and diversity lens when it comes to their organisational structure and management as well as to encourage their members to do the same. Understanding the benefits of gender equality is a crucial part of this together as well as having the key tools and metrics to measure impact and success as based on the existing gender equitable business policies and metrics. Understanding the role that the intersectionality of sex, race, class, gender and other key identifiers play in investment and business performance, as well as organisational structures and management, is a key component in creating and communicating about a gender action plan.

This module covers the basics of gender inclusion within NREAs as well as links to relevant resources and training materials.

PowerUp! training materials: Gender Inclusion Training (Nairobi, Kenya, 24-25 February 2022)