Every organization needs enough resources to survive. It has to engage its members, meet its planned project costs and develop future programmes, remain relevant and up to date, pay staff salaries and administrative overheads and keep equipment in a good state of repair. The list is endless. Resource mobilization encompasses more than fundraising, it is the process of identifying, obtaining, and managing resources necessary for the association to be able to exercise its mandate and work on its mission as it strives towards a shared vision with its resource partners and stakeholders. It is essential for your association’s survival, its expansion, and development, reducing dependency, building a constituency, and generally creating a viable and sustainable organization.

This module covers the basics of proposal writing and resource mobilisation as well as links to relevant resources and training materials.

1. Proposal Writing training (PowerUp! training ​- Nairobi, Kenya, 25-26 April 2019) 

2. Resource Mobilisation training (PowerUp! training ​- Dakar, Senegal, 14-15 October 2019)

3. Tools and Resources: