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“Implementing the Code sends positive signals to SunFunder and other investors"


Consumer Protection Session Notes AGM 2019

Consumer Protection Insights. Learnings and recommendations from the GOGLA Consumer Protection Code

During the development of the Consumer Protection Principles and Indicators, a consumer insights study was conducted with several GOGLA members to understand the challenges and risks faced by consumers and explore how companies can work with the Code to address these issues.

GOGLA Industry Opinion on Consumer Protection

The most important and powerful tool of any industry association is the expression of an official Industry Opinion. The Industry Opinion on consumer protection states that it is essential to ensure that growth objectives remain fully aligned with consumer interests to retain the full confidence of consumers, investors, governments and other stakeholders. GOGLA and its members are committed to consumer protection and recommend that companies join their commitment in taking industry-wide...

"Proud that the off-grid solar industry saw fit to create the Consumer Protection Code"


Welcome to the new GOGLA board

Koen Peters, GOGLA Executive Director

How to Commit & Endorse

GOGLA invites companies, investors, and other stakeholders to make a commitment or an endorsement to...

Introduction to the Code

The Consumer Protection Code consists of a set of principles...

Off-grid solar is moving into the performance zone

Koen Peters, GOGLA Executive Director

GOGLA Proposed Industry Opinion on Consumer Protection

Members will vote on an industry opinion for Consumer Protection during the GOGLA's Annual General Meeting (AGM), the formal part of our Annual Member Conference.


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