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Third Wave Power

What is the name of your organisation? Third Wave Power Pte. Ltd. What is its mission? To empower off-grid and partial-grid customers around the world with decentralized and affordable solar powered lighting and energy solutions. Where is it based? Singapore, India, Africa When was it created? 2011 Who is the… Read More

Sunny Irrigation

Sunny Irrigation makes solar-powered irrigation systems financially accessible to small farmers, allowing them to increase their crop yield and generate greater income for their communities. Millions of smallholder farmers across sub-Saharan Africa have inadequate access to a sustainable water source, forced to rely on highly inconsistent rain. Additionally, even during rainy… Read More


SolarHome is the pioneer in Pay-As-You-Go (“PAYG”) Solar for off-grid households in Southeast Asia. SolarHome installs integrated solar energy and appliance units in customers’ homes, and offers radically affordable “rent-to-own” plans of energy service subscription.  This dramatically lowers the barriers to adoption of solar technology by the bottom-of-pyramid clients. SolarHome is… Read More