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Tamarso is a medium enterprise delving into the renewable energy space, specifically provision of solar energy. Tamarso started its operation in 2016 with the founder, Sharmarke Abdulkadir, and 2 employees, in a small office in Bakaro Market, Mogadishu. Tamarso has been preparing since its inception, the establishment of comprehensive solar… Read More

Somali Green Energy Association (SOGEA)

Our mission is to strengthen renewable energy governance for a just prosperous and sustainable future through awareness creation, capacity building, networking, and partnership. We are working towards ensuring that energy is shared and allocated equitably, efficiently, and sustainably, making it universally available to meet the basic needs for all. Q&A… Read More

Dalsan Power

Our mission is to supply the highest quality cost-effective solar energy products and services to clients that are interested in reducing energy costs and carbon footprint. Dalsan Power is part of GOGLA’s¬†ELEVATE cohort.¬† Q&A Where is it based? Somalia When was it created? 2018 Who is the… Read More