The Consumer Protection Code

Good consumer protection is not only essential to successful off-grid solar businesses but is a moral obligation for responsible organisations. The Consumer Protection Code establishes the de facto industry standard for consumer protection that adds value to off-grid solar companies, investors and other stakeholders. The Code consists of a set of principles and an assessment framework to enable companies to measure, prove and improve their practices and provide investors and other stakeholders with a framework to promote good practice. 

Review the Principles and Assessment Framework

GOGLA Industry Opinion on Consumer Protection

The most important and powerful tool of any industry association is the expression of an official Industry Opinion. The Industry Opinion on consumer protection states that it is essential to ensure that growth objectives remain fully aligned with consumer interests to retain the full confidence of consumers, investors, governments and other stakeholders. GOGLA and its members are therefore committed to consumer protection and recommend that companies act upon their commitment, supporting industry-wide action so that the sector can accelerate responsible, sustained growth.

Call To Action

GOGLA encourages off-grid solar companies to make a Commitment to the CP Code. This signifies that the off-grid solar provider strives to achieve the minimum standards set out by the Consumer Protection Principles in its treatment of consumers, and uses the defined CP Indicators to measure and monitor performance across daily operations.

GOGLA encourages investors and other stakeholders to make an Endorsement of the CP Code. This signifies that the organisation aligns internal practices with the Consumer Protection Principles and / or supports off-grid solar providers to fulfill the minimum standards of practice in their treatment of customers.