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Powerlive Zimbabwe

Powerlive Zimbabwe is a women social enterprise that sells, distributes and installs scalable solar home and business energy systems for productive use on Pay As You Go to rural off-grid areas in Zimbabwe. This is achieved through rural women social groups where most of the sales agents and technicians come… Read More

Renewable Energy Association of Zimbabwe (REAZ)

Renewable Energy Association of Zimbabwe (REAZ) is a non- governmental and non-profit making organisation. The mandate of REAZ is to facilitate the sustainable development and uptake of Renewable Energy Technologies in Zimbabwe to the benefit of its members, stakeholders and consumers. REAZ was formed at a ZERA Net Metering Workshop… Read More

Natfort Energy

Natfort Energy’s mission is ┬áto enrich lives and contribute to the sustainable socio-economic development of sub-Saharan Africa by providing energy solutions that are tailor-made to meet the unique needs of the region. We want to improve access to reliable, high-quality, affordable, modern, and sustainable energy. Natfort Energy is part of… Read More

Kumusha Power

Goodbook Investments Limited trading as Kumusha Power has been in the business of the distribution of consumer electronics, digital video, and digital audio products since 2010, working with global brands such as Toshiba, Kramer, and TOA Electronics. During this time the Company has imported and sold thousands of domestic appliances… Read More

Clamore Solar

Our mission at Clamore Solar is to champion viable and sustainable energy solutions to meet the growing African demand. Our desire is to contribute to Africa’s development as a whole. We value the freedom that efficient service and quality product delivery brings, and the uplifting of living standards to the… Read More

Celfre Energy (Private) Limited

Celfre Energy (Private) Limited started its operations in 2017 and is a provider of high-quality and affordable renewable energy solutions for productive use. Its focus is mainly on solar water pumps for sustainable irrigation for small holder farmers, solar powered agro-processing machines and solar refrigeration and freezing for off-grid communities. Read More

Zonful Energy

Zonful Energy is a provider of turnkey off-grid PV systems on a Pay As You Go business model. The company specialises in independent power supply units for: Basic Households electrification-Solar Home System (SHS) Water Pumps for drinking and irrigation-Smart Solar Pumps(SSP) Rural electrification of villages Telecom transmission stations… Read More