Introduction to the Code

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Introduction to the Code

The Consumer Protection Code consists of a set of principles and an assessment framework to enable companies to measure, demonstrate and improve their practices, and provide investors and other stakeholders with a framework to promote good practice. The code establishes the de facto industry standard for consumer protection that adds value to off-grid solar companies, investors and other stakeholders.

Call to Action

GOGLA encourages off-grid solar companies to make a Commitment to the CP Code. This signifies that the solar off-grid provider strives to achieve the Consumer Protection Principles in its treatment of consumers, and uses the Self-Assessment Tool to measure and monitor performance within daily operations.

GOGLA encourages investors and other stakeholders to make an Endorsement of the CP Code. This signifies that the organisation aligns internal practices with the Consumer Protection Principles and / or supports off-grid solar providers to fulfil the minimum standards of practice in their treatment of customers.

Learn how you can endorse or commit to the code